Project 2000 is a free initiative program organized by Farmfixers. It is established to empower the local farmers and the unemployed youths who are in clusters in a settlement. The initiative is a long term approach to help improve their yields by teaching them new agricultural techniques.

The initiative is solely organized to help local farmers, especially the widows, and the unemployed youth who do not have funding and access to farmland. Farmfixers will provide at least a hectare of farmland, fund to farm and grow their way to prosperity, and increase food production in the society by and large.

Our Model

The complete service from financing to marketing is done by the farm fixers community with Zero support from the farmers.


The training is to equip the participants (local farmers, widows, and unemployed youths) on the new approach to maximizing usage of the farmland, the use of hybrid seeds (which have high drought resistance and high yielding potentials), how to increase the yield and grow their income.


Each of the farmers is provided with at least a hectare of farmland.


Each of the farmers is provided with high-quality seed, fertilizers, and other farm inputs.

Yield Analysis

Our team carry out a comprehensive assessment of the productivity of each participant at the end of the planting season.

Market Facilitation

Training them on the fluctuations in prices of farm produce and the best time to sell.