About Us

About us

Farmfixers is an agri-tech company established in 2014 to champions the concept of absentee farming and farm management. We have managed more than 400 acres of farmland, indirectly engaged and empowered numerous local farmers by giving them farm jobs, paying their wages, teaching, and training them on the new agricultural techniques.

Our close engagement with the farmers in these rural communities made us see the level of hunger and the need to eradicate poverty and create a pathway to prosperity.

Since 2018, Farmfixers has engaged and empowered both rural farmers and the youth by providing them with necessary farm inputs, training on the modern approach to farming, and making available a market for the sale of their farm produce. This approach enables smallholder farmers to grow their way out of hunger and poverty into lasting prosperity and, by extension, leads to increased food production and security.

Our commitment is to continually expand our reach to local farmers, the youth, widows, and their families while enhancing food security and eradicating hunger in Nigeria.